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Operating Validators and Developing Software for Industry Advancement.











Why Choose SpaceStake?

Your Trusted Partner in Reliability and Knowledge.

Global Infrastructure

Reliable Uptime: Excellence in Validator Node Operations.

Security Redefined

Robust Cloud Solutions with 24/7 Expert Monitoring.

Airdrops Incoming

We're gearing up to airdrop additional rewards to our loyal delegators. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

Five Years in Crypto

We've been building and staking in the crypto world for five years. Our investments are a shared mission with our token holders for a prosperous future.

Reward Assurance

No Exceptions: Committing to 100% SLA for Uninterrupted Rewards.

Driving Change in Governance

Amplifying Token Holder Voices in Every Network Proposal.

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Transforming Finance with Decentralization

SpaceStake is driven by a dual commitment: harnessing decentralized finance's potential for sustainability while simplifying cryptocurrency staking for security and accessibility.

Our mission

Simplifying cryptocurrency staking, ensuring it's secure and approachable for all.

Our vision

Embrace Decentralized Finance's Potential to Usher in a Sustainable Tomorrow, reshaping the financial world for the better.

Stake with SpaceStake

Safeguard Your Assets, Secure Networks, and Gain Rewards with SpaceStake, a Secure non-custodial staking Validator.